Since 2019, RKF has been a duo with a passion for symbols, religious icons, and sacred art, which has led them to express their creativity through the creation of plaster works. These are crafted in a former abandoned factory in the northern area of Milan, which has been repurposed into a creative laboratory and renamed “Honor Farm” by the artists themselves.

They express themselves through traditional, iconic symbols that are easily recognizable and represent the timeless struggle between good and evil, a battle experienced daily by humans in their quest to find themselves.

The creation of their works begins with plaster dust. Preparing the mold, the right mixture, and “pouring the cast” has become a ritual that precedes the anticipation of reaching the second phase of their creative process: decoration. This includes pours of acrylic paint or embellishments like synthetic roses.

They don’t exactly define what they do as Street Art or Urban Art because their work often resists categorization. As they themselves state, “locking ourselves into one of these categories would limit us more than help us evolve.”