RIFFBLAST is an Italian artist, born in Bologna, Italy. His journey in art began in early childhood, raised in the countryside by a stimulating and creative family, with his mother, a painter herself, being his first teacher.

At the age of 18, he began collaborating with skate and surf companies in Hossegor (France), starting to create graphics for the boards. This world introduced him to the true love for hardcore punk subculture, which, combined with his passion for pop icons from cartoons and TV commercials, has influenced and developed his artistic vision for years.
After a brief but intense experience in the fashion world that helped him develop commercial knowledge, in 2015 he decided, without any certification or certainty, to start painting and creating art.

His approach to the art world was not textbook-like, as it is for anyone entering this profession, but thanks to exhibitions, collaborations, and social networks, he is making himself known to the public. He immediately began working with religious lithographs, altering them by mixing in contemporary icons intended to evoke the familiar and the sarcastic. However, his message delves much deeper into the psyche of consumerism and the corruption present in Italy, a predominantly Catholic country.

Since 2022, he has decided to distance himself from all art that would make him recognizable as “the one who paints on the saints”. He has explored all he could in that realm and is ready to mature his art into something that he hopes will eventually leave a mark.